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How do I contact someone that has sent me a 'flirt'?

If someone has sent you a flirt and you’re interested, there are two ways to get in contact. You can either send a flirt back or go straight in and start a conversation by visiting your list of flirts received. Below are a few tips on how to start a conversation.

  • Take the time to read that person’s profile before sending the first message; it shows that you’ve done your homework and can provide insights as to how you start the conversation.
  • Keep it light and simple without going into too much detail as too much information can be off-putting.
  • Spell check your message as spelling mistakes can often create a bad impression.
  • Be patient as that person may not be online at the same time. If someone doesn’t respond to you after one or two messages, it may be wise just to move on!

Remember, if you are a free user and past your flirts limit, you won't be able to see or respond to someone who has sent you a flirt.

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